Best air purifiers 2022 – Top 10 Reviews

Best air purifiers 2020

Air is life. Clean air means a healthier life. And, we shouldn’t struggle much to get that fresh air using the best air purifier in 2022. We should be able to breathe freely; without giving a second thought to what we breathe since breathing itself is involuntary. Imagine that we can’t survive just 3 minutes without air, maybe without food or water for that long.

Best air purifiers 2022

I’m cognizant of the fact that the air is nowadays filled with pollutants, and you could be asking yourself how you should even get a clean breath. Science cares and that’s why technology came up with Air Purifiers; godsend tools that actually absorb impurities in the air, leaving you with only pure air to inhale.

Gone are the days when these machines were only used in hospitals. Nowadays, multiple companies have come up with countless versions of the device, which are more affordable and customizable to your home or office’s needs. Consequently, making an apt choice in terms of price, quality, and usability has become hard but to crack. That’s why I decided to write up this article for you. end this table represents the top 10 air purifiers:

BrandBest for Price
Honeywell True HEPAAllergies Latest Price On Amazon
Coway AP-1512HH MightySmart home Latest Price On Amazon
LEVOIT LV-PUR131for home use Latest Price On Amazon
Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier.for small home Latest Price On Amazon
Honeywell 50250-Sfor Pets Latest Price On Amazon
Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier.for big homes Latest Price On Amazon
GermGuardian AC4825Low budget Latest Price On Amazon
Alen BreatheSmart Classicbig homes Latest Price On Amazon
Hathaspace Smart True HEPAfor bacterias & dust Latest Price On Amazon
Enther Air Purifiers for HomeFor home Latest Price On Amazon

In this article, you’ll get a list of the top 10 best air purifiers, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive one or just one of a high-quality (even if highly-priced). This is an expert-endorsed list that’s carefully made with regard to the premier selection criterion. The guides used in the selection process are below the list. Each is explained. Each product’s features are highlighted plus its pros and cons.

Now make sure that you pore over the whole list, taking every detail seriously. Here we go.

Best air purifiers 2022

1. Honeywell True HEPABest Air Purifier for Allergies

Best air purifier 2020: Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

The Honeywell True HEPA is the best air purifier for 2022 and it tops my list because of what it is capable of. To begin with, this Air Purifier doesn’t only feature the True HEPA filter (which is the best anyway) but also a carbon pre-filter that ensures there’s no bad smell around. When air first passes through the pre-filter, the larger particles, as well as odor, are trapped. Then, the air is quickly passed on to the True HEPA filter for trapping of up to 0.3-micron particles. This removes 99.97 percent of any particles in the air.

This machine then releases the cleaner, healthier air into the room. It can always do this up to 5 times each hour. So if you’re the kind that lives with pets or a smoker, you won’t ever complain of the allergens when this “guy” is in the house. Also, be sure to replace the filters. The HEPA filter is replaced each year while the pre-filter should be removed and replaced after a quarter for optimum performance and results. The user manual is on board for troubleshooting. Make sure you have one, too.


  • √ Can clean more often, five times an hour.
  • √ Compact design saves space.
  • √ Comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • √ From a trusted company.
  • √ Loved by most, judging from their reviews across various websites.


  • × Quite costly.

2. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty – Best Smart Air Purifier.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode in White

This award-winning Purifier filters the air in your room through four stages to leave nothing in it. The four-phase filtration removes smelly gasses and particles (small and large). Filters onboard are a true HEPA filter, a pre-filter, ionizer, and an odor filter. Also, there is a LED indicator that shows the degree of purity of the air. An automatic motor adjusts the speed by itself according to the density of the air particles. Apart from this, you can engage the timer to operate within specified periods. Options for the timer include 12 hours, 8 hours, 4 hours or 1 hour.

There’s a feature that allows you to adjust the speed of air, too. This machine has three modes of the rate of its fan. For optimal performance, filters must be replaced occasionally so that the process of purification does not plateau at a point. Don’t worry, there’s an indicator that lets you know when to replace a filter.

Coway AP-1512HH also operates at the lowest sounds not to interfere with your sleep and other activities. Its power consumption is also very low and you won’t have to pay huge power bills while using it. What a machine!


  • √ Compact design.
  • √ Low power consumption.
  • √ Four-stage filtering.
  • √ Low operation sounds.
  • √ Automatic sensors.


  • × The cost is quite high, though matches the quality.
  • × There are complaints of scarcity in the stock of most shops.

3. LEVOIT LV-PUR131 Air Purifier – Best for home.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Filter, Air Cleaner for Allergies and Pets, Smokers, Mold, Pollen, Dust, Quiet Odor Eliminators for Bedroom, Energy Star, Smart Sensor, LV-PUR131

The LEVOIT Purifier is a quality home improvement machine that’s certified by a number of bodies in California (FCC, Energy Star & CARB Certified).

This ozone-free air purifier uses no UV-C elements that usually aren’t safe for children. It reads the quality of air and adjusts its speed automatically. It has three different fan speeds. LEVOIT filters air in three stages. There’s a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a True HEPA filter. If you have a large room of up to 360 square feet, you got covered. This machine circulates clean air up to 4.5 times each hour.

Plus, not a significant sound will you get from it. Works at 27db, the rate of noise when at its maximum speed. Be sure to set the timer to your preferred operating periods. You can choose between 1 to 12 hours. When your filters need replacement, you won’t have to calculate or measure anything, there’s a sensor for that. It will determine how long is remaining before replacement and let you know. Replace every filter within six months.

Get the user manual and follow the prompts for the best operation guidelines. This is surely an air purifier for you, pal.


  • √ Very easy to operate.
  • √ Certified by most bodies.
  • √ Uses little energy (only 40 W).
  • √ Can operate in large rooms.
  • √ You can switch off the LED display so that it doesn’t disturb you while asleep. Most Purifiers don’t have this function.


  • × The cost isn’t so much affordable.
  • × Rarely available in shops.

4. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Washable AOC Carbon Filter

Whether you need one for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, Winix 5500-2 will do for all the rooms. From Winix Inc., which is an experienced company in the air and water cleaning industry, this purifier fits every environment and is trusted across the world.

Pet dander, dust, smoke, pollen grains, and more are absorbed from the air that enters this machine to undergo a 3-stage cleaning process. It has a cleanable carbon filter (AOC) that does away with any odor around. Using the PlasmaWave technology, the purifier does away with odors, dust, and more impurities of the air at a molecular scale. It doesn’t, however, emit any Ozone.

Luckily, you can also operate it using a remote control. Also included are; a sleep mode, an air quality indicator and an automatic mode. The purifier suits medium-sized and large rooms alike. It can purify the air up to 360 square feet. The power fuselage is 70 Watts and the item weighs 15.4 pounds. Have a look at some of the pros and cons below.


  • √ Has a good buyer rating.
  • √ Costs fairly.
  • √ Cleans air fast.
  • √ Extremely easy to set up and replacing the filters needs neither a skill or tool.
  • √ The PlasmaWave technology ensures that no particle remains in the air.


  • × When at full speed, the device is noisy.
  • × One buys the extra filters separately.

5. Honeywell 50250-S – Best for Pets

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier, 390 sq. ft, White

One of the highly efficient air purifiers is this other one from Honeywell. When placed inside a room (sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, office, or any other), the machine uses its highly powerful motor to draw in air from all around it (360. Also, it releases pure air in all directions in the same way. And, air leaks are prevented by SorroundSeal technology. At the entrance avenue of air, it meets an activated carbon pre-filter. The filter doesn’t allow any large particles as well as air that contains odor through it. Then, the odorless air meets a true HEPA filter that then traps 99.97% of all smaller and tiny particles (of up to 0.3 microns).

The pre-filter should always be replaced after every three months. Don’t worry though, as there’s an indicator to tell you when to remove the filter and insert another one. The removal process is simple and needs no special skills or tools.

Don’t forget to replace the filters with only the Honeywell Verified filters. Others won’t provide the performance rate as highlighted. Use the machine in large to extra large spaces.


  • √ High user rating.
  • √ Takes in and releases air from all directions.
  • √ Doesn’t allow for the leak of unprocessed air. Has a tool to prevent this.
  • √ Features a filter light to make you know when to replace the filters.
  • √ Cleans air even in very large rooms.


  • × Doesn’t operate at minimal sounds.
  • × Replacing the filter is quite expensive, especially at the point when one has to find only Honeywell Verified types.

6. Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier.

Okaysou AirMax8L 19.4

Complications that arise from airborne pollutants like nasal drip and coughing won’t ever attack you if you have this godsend machine in the house. Likewise, you’ll have a more nice time with your dogs without having worries of inhaling the pet danders. This one also has a special feature of decomposing chemical vapors into breathable air.

You can adjust the Okay so between low, medium, and high speeds to fit the quality of air in your room. The sleep button gives you the best environment to have asleep. It turns off all lights and makes the machine to operate at the lowest speed to give the best sleeping environment.

There is a timer as well, that you can use to set the machine to operate within 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. It purifies fast and circulates air at a high rate. Use it in rooms as large as 237 sq. Ft. The purifier cleans the air using both a HEPA and Active Carbon filters. It has no ionizer, neither does it produce any UV-C light to emit any byproducts or ozone. This further conserves the environment.

To eliminate any doubts, the purifier is ETL, CARB, CE, and FCX certified for quality and efficiency. Remember to replace the filters each and every six months.


  • √ Has a modern sleek design.
  • √ Weighs only 12lbs for easy storage and portability.
  • √ Certified by various regulatory bodies.
  • √ The price is highly affordable.
  • √ 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • × Filter replacement cost is quite high.
  • × It is noisy at the maximum speed.

7. GermGuardian AC4825 – Best purifier for low budget

GermGuardian AC4825 22

GermGuardian from Guardian Technologies is the best one for you if you’re an allergy sufferer. It covers a maximum of 167 sq. Ft and has an ability to clean the room up to 4 times each hour. It has three different filters; a UV-C light to kill bacteria, a charcoal filter to trap any odors, and a HEPA filter for capturing smaller particles in the air.

The product has a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty. It has three speeds for varying air conditions. The three speeds can be changed from low to medium and to high with increasing impurity in the air. Unfortunately, the high speed is associated with a higher sound produced.

There’s an indicator that alerts you on when to replace filters. Only one filter needs to be replaced after some 6-7 months here and this saves on the replacement costs. Operating the purifier is extremely simple and needs no skills. You should grab the user manual to ensure that you get up to date with any operational snag.


  • √ Replacement costs are minimal.
  • √ The product is cost-effective.
  • √ Certified by regulatory bodies.
  • √ Saves energy.
  • √ Extremely easy to operate.


  • × Uses UV-C that may release Ozone into the air.
  • × Usually noisy while operating.

8. Alen BreatheSmart Classic – The best 2022 Air Purifier.

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter for Dust, Dander and Pollen Allergies (White, 1-Pack)

This is the filter with the widest coverage so far. It cleans air within a range of 1,100 sq. Ft. That sounds like an impossibility, doesn’t it? I know it is, but you have to believe me it isn’t.

Moving on, the purifier has a SmartSensor technology that automatically detects the quality of air and adjusts fan speed to the needed level for maximum purification. WhisperMax technology is also used to minimize operating sounds to almost none.

What made me fall for it further was it’s on/off the ring that adjusts its colors with the quality of air around the purifier. The colors are red (for dirtiest air), orange (for medium quality air), and blue (for clean air). Speed options are 4. The lowest speed produces low sound just like a whisper. The sounds do not go any further than 56db as there’s a technology involved in reducing high sounds. The turbo speed mode simply sounds like a heavy downpour.

This machine is built with a group of experts only. Reputable engineers from NASA are among those who lent a hand. A cleanable pre-filter is at the front of the 3-layer air cleaning filters. It is followed by a material that resembles the HEPA PURE cleaner, which doesn’t allow dust, pollen grains, and impurities of that sort through. The last layer purifies the air at a molecular scale. Have a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages now below.


  • √ Cleans the air in very wide coverage.
  • √ Works so fast.
  • √ Made by trusted experts.
  • √ Trusted by a good number of users.
  • √ Automatic features make operations simple and time-saving.


  • × Very high price.
  • × Rare in the stocks of most shops.

9. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, 6-in-1 Large Room Air Cleaner & Deodorizer for Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Smokers, Odors - Eliminates Pet Hair, Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Mold, Bacteria, More

Change your home’s environment with the Hathaspace that has a CADR of 160. It replaces dirty air with a clean one within up to 340 sq. Ft. The machine detects the quality of the air indoors and adjusts its own fan speed to clean it according to the degree of impurity. It has a low, a medium and a high speed of the fan. Also, it has a sleep mode that reduces the operating sound at night or when you choose to. The sleep mode sound is at 18 db.

Features a UV-C light that has the ability to kill even the smallest of viruses and bacteria. The manufacturing company guarantees your money back if you don’t see changes to asthma and allergy symptoms within 60 days of use. No more running nose, no more difficulty in breathing, no Kore coughing and the likes.

In displaying the air quality, it uses three different colors which are; red yellow and green in order of the most impure to pure air, respectively. The purifier can replace the air in your room as much as twice each hour. Here are some of its pros and cons.


  • √ Has a sleep mode for minimum sounds during the night.
  • √ Its sensor + the auto mode need not even a single minute of your time for the operation.
  • √ Kills bacteria and viruses that usually affects the lungs.
  • √ Relieves you from odors and dust that causes a variety of disease.
  • √ Has wide coverage (340 sq. ft).


  • × The high speed has disturbing sounds.
  • × The price is quite high.

10. Enther Air Purifiers for Home

Enther Air Purifiers for Home with True HEPA Filter, Air Filter for Allergies Pets Smoke Smokers Mold Dust, Air Cleaner Odor Eliminator for Large Room with Air Quality Monitor, Optional Night Light

For eliminating mold dust, pollen, smoke, odor and more, EntHer is designed to purify your indoor air to 99.9% safe for breathing. And, it is certified by CARB in California for quality. This purifier covers a large area of 376 sq. Ft in terms of the region within which it can clean air for a better living environment.

It keeps on telling you the quality of indoor air each time, and the auto mode can adjust the speed of the machine with changes in the type of air around. A light band shows varying colors according to the level of purity of the air. There are three-speed modes of the fan. There’s also a timer that you can set for 1, 4, and 8 hours. An aroma box is installed at the top of the machine, too. It helps in circulating the sweet smell of your preferred oil. Just add a few drops of the oil into the box, and the sweet smell will flow with the pure air released.

It captures dander from pets, removes bad smell from air, removes dust, and more particulate pollutants. Cleans air in 3 stages; a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter. There’s also a sleep mode for minimal disturbances. Here are some advantages.


  • √ Highly cost-effective.
  • √ Uses minimal power.
  • √ Covers a significantly large area.
  • √ Very easy to use.
  • √ Has a unique aroma box for a more customized sweet smell.


  • × The lights can be awakening at night.
  • × Operates at high sounds when not in sleep mode.

Buyers’ Guide.

1. Size.

Obviously, the machines can’t be of the same size and functionality. First, look at the size of the house that you want to use the Air Purifier. Then, cut your coat according to your size. Some of these machines can cover as large as 900 sq.feet and more while some can take care of small rooms of 100 sq. Feet.

2. Price.

You won’t just walk into a shop and pick anything without having budgeted for it. You only spend what you can afford losing, don’t you? You surely first need to consider the amount you’re ready to part with. Then, look into the options available under that price. Make sure that you take note of the quality. Choose one that fits your room as well. Look at the filter type, too as I explain below.

3. Filter type.

There are a number of filters that come along with these Air Purifiers. Each is meant to do something unique. For example, a Carbon Filter does away with odor while an ionic filter collects particles like pollen, dust, and some bacteria by charging them. There are more. Nevertheless, the True HEPA filter is still the stellar type in modern technology. It absorbs 99.97% of all the particles in the air. However, it doesn’t do away with the odor.

Bottom Line.

My major aim in the article above was to educate you on how to find the best Air Purifiers, giving a few examples of them in the list. I hope that you found the article so helpful. Be sure to acquire one of your own to upgrade your health standards and live more healthily. Good luck, pals.

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