Best dishwashers 2022 – Top 10 Washing Machines Reviews

For more than a century, dishwashing machines have been one of the most irreplaceable household appliances in the home, as well as in the kitchens of cafes and restaurants. Modern dishwashing machines are easy to cope with the most difficult dirt.

Can a dishwasher handle dirty dishes as well as housewives? It turns out they can. The washing machine takes its rightful place in our kitchen. It really saves water, electricity, your time, and energy. It is also able to save a lot of time and effort to an owner.

Now we have to figure out how to choose a good dishwasher. Only the best washing machines in 2019 from the point of view of buyers are presented in this rating. All of them are economical in using of water and electricity consumption. In addition, they have an excellent price-quality ratio.

Best dishwashers 2022

Brand NameBest ForPirce On Amazon
BoschThe money Latest Price On Amazon
Bosch SHS863WD5NHard water Latest Price On Amazon
Bosch SMS 44GI00High quality washing Latest Price On Amazon
Bosch SMS 40D12for fast washing Latest Price On Amazon
Electrolux ESF 2400large family Latest Price On Amazon
Candy CDCP 6/Edishes Latest Price On Amazon
Bosch SPS 40E42wine glasses Latest Price On Amazon
Candy CDCP 8/Ethe price Latest Price On Amazon
Hansa ZWM 416 WHsmall family Latest Price On Amazon

Types of dishwashers.

There are two main types of dishwashing machines:

– Industrial – large, powerful, and super-high-performance models. They are used in restaurants with a large flow of visitors and endure continuous loads;

– Domestic dishwashers – more simple and compact models for home use or small cafes.

Our rating presents domestic dishwashers, which are often divided into two types:

– floor – dishwashers of this type are large, heavy, and floor standing. It is often built into kitchen furniture.

– desk – simple and compact dishwashers, installed on a tabletop or any other surface.

With no further talk here are the top 10 dishwashers in no specific order

1. Bosch SHX878WD5N 800 Series – Best Dishwasher for the Money 2022

the best dishwasher 2021

It looks very elegant, the body is painted black. The assembly is carried out in Germany, despite this, the price of this dishwasher is quite reasonable. Bosch SPS 53E02 is a narrow dishwasher for 9 sets of dishes. The machine is economical: for a cycle at full load, only 0.78 kW of electricity will be required. There is complete protection against leaks and protection from children. The clean water sensor will not allow dirt and detergents to remain on the dishes while reducing water consumption. Baskets with folding guides make the installation of dishes very convenient. If the door has a closing angle of fewer than 10 degrees, it closes automatically.

At the beginning of the cycle, the tablet with the detergent enters a special compartment – Dosage Assist – where it completely dissolves under a powerful stream of water. Thus, the detergent is evenly distributed and does not accumulate on the inside of the machine.

The product is equipped with a unique IntensiveZone feature. If you activate it, then in the upper basket the dishes will be washed according to the selected program, and the lower one will be supplied with water under increased pressure and heated to a higher temperature. The upper basket can be adjusted in height. The detergent tray has an original shape, due to which it will dissolve completely. Using the IntensiveZone program, you can increase the pressure and temperature of the water, and the dishes will wash faster.

Box VarioFlex: more options for loading dishes of various sizes due to folding holders inside the box.
VarioSpeed function: washing dishes 2 times faster with the same quality of washing and drying.
AquaStop system: guaranteed protection against leaks for the entire service life of the device.
Gentle glass washing mode: delicate washing of glassware and fragile porcelain.
Child lock: protection against the unwilled opening of the door during operation.



  • Easy to operate;
  • There is a digital display;
  • The dishes are very clean;
  • Convenient overall dimensions;
  • There is an accelerated washing mode;
  • There is no need to pre-soak the dishes if dried food is left on it;
  • Delayed start.


  • Does not do too well with washing deep pots;
  • No child protection provided;
  • It dries out long enough;
  • The drain is too noisy.

2. Bosch SHS863WD5N 300 Series – Best for Hard water

Bosch SHS863WD5N 300 Series Built In Dishwasher with 5 Wash Cycles, 16 Place Settings, 3rd Rack, SpeedPerfect, RackMatic in

Bosch Serie 4 SKS 62E22 – the dishwasher is compact in size but can hold up to 6 sets of dirty dishes at a time. The model comes in a universal white case with a glossy tint. In addition to washing, the appliance performs condensation drying.

The device is extremely efficient in consuming electricity and water: 8 liters of water are consumed per dishwashing cycle, with an average noise level of 48 dB. The maximum power consumption of the model is 2400 watts.

Bosch SKS 62E22 has 6 built-in operating modes, including a special program for washing fragile items, as well as economical and fast modes that will help you save time and money. Half load mode is very convenient to use with a small number of dirty dishes.

Bosch SKS 62E22 has a condensation dryer. The last rinse cycle of the dishes is done with hot water, after which the dishes remain dry inside, condensed water accumulates on the walls of the dishwasher and drains down. Such drying takes a lot of time and is not ideal (moisture may remain on the dishes), but it is absolutely silent and does not require energy consumption.

The dishwasher is equipped with a quiet, reliable and economical inverter motor. Built-in sensors for water quality, such as detergent and load level, help the device to select the optimal parameters on its own, making washing dishes not only effective but also economical. In addition, a timer is built into the appliance to start washing at any time convenient for you.

Activating the VarioSpeed ​​mode allows you to significantly reduce the duration of any program without losing the quality of the result. The compact digital display makes it easy to set the right parameters before starting work. The door closer provides easy and accurate closure, protecting the machine from impacts that can lead to the displacement and fall of dishes.


  • The design is equipped with a convenient display;
  • There is a delayed start timer, which is designed for 24 hours;
  • Quick-drying dishes;
  • Low water and electricity consumption.


  • High price.
  • Compactness leads to a small number of dishes inside. Everything needs to be carefully placed.

3. Bosch SMS 44GI00 – Best High Capacity Dishwasher

This product has a gentle washing function, which avoids the corrosion of glass, which may occur due to too soft water. The machine automatically adjusts the water hardness, preventing the decrease of this indicator below pH 5.5.
During the washing process, water circulates through 5 levels – this technology provides good water savings. Two levels of circulation are located in the upper beam, the same in the lower and one represents a separate shower mounted on the ceiling of the chamber. This technology allows water to pass even to the most inaccessible places, removing any dirt.
The water feed rate and its pressure are also automatically adjusted. Special sensors determine the number of dishes in the washing chamber, after which the processor calculates the required amount of water, detergent, and electricity.


Excellent quality of washing and drying dishes;
High capacity washing chamber;
It emits minimal noise during operation.


It is not possible to leave the door open after use;
It is made only in one color option;
Consumer constantly has to buy tablets for cleaning of dishwashers.

4. Bosch SMS 40D12

This is one of the best dishwashers according to user reviews, which also does not cost too much. It is a freestanding structure, the body is painted white, made of stainless steel. The machine has a front decorative door.
About 12 sets of dishes can fit in the washing chamber – for their washing in the standard mode, 14 litres of water and about 1 kW of electricity will be consumed. The machine has 4 programs at 3 temperature modes. There are also several additional features: the machine recognizes well any detergents, there is a delayed start function, additional leakage protection is provided. A dishwasher has a sensor that can determine the basic characteristics of water.


Economically consumes electricity and water;
There is a mode of soaking dishes;
A child protection system is provided;
There is a display;
The dishes are dried by blowing;
It cleans dirt well in any mode of operation.


There is no quick wash mode;
It makes a lot of noise during operation.

5. Electrolux ESF 2400 – best for large family

This dishwasher is manufactured using the most modern technologies and looks very attractive. It has compact dimensions: 60 cm high, about 50 cm wide. About 6 sets of dishes can be put in the washing chamber – this is enough for a small family.
The machine consumes the minimum amount of electricity – the class of its energy consumption is the highest A +. 6.5 litres of water are consumed per wash cycle. It just perfectly cleans and dries dishes. It has a sufficient number of programs. In particular, the usual, intensive, delicate, express modes are included, and there is also an economical mode. If necessary, you can use the additional rinse function. The machine can operate in four temperature modes.


Compact dimensions – the machine can be installed under the sink, you can use it as built-in equipment;
Minimum consumption of electricity and water;
Installation of the dishwasher is very easy – you can do it yourself if you carefully read the instructions;
A large number of operating modes.


The basket for dishes is often not fully extended, so dirty dishes have to be moved forward to fit all there;
There is no protection against power surges. Because of this, the machine will turn on and off, as well as reset the program, so you have to configure it again.

6. Beko DFS 05010

This washing machine has a huge number of features. Advanced functionality helps to tune the efficient washing of dishes made of various materials. First of all, a stiffness control sensor is provided there. The filter is able to clean itself, so it almost does not have to be looked after. A special pump is used to flush it, washing away dirt under high pressure.

This model is one of the best built-in dishwashers, equipped with double leakage protection, in addition, it works much quieter than analogs. If a leak occurs, the water supply is automatically blocked. The rails are equipped with bearings for smooth extension of the baskets. There is a backlight inside, and a special mode for washing children’s dishes. If necessary, the baskets can be folded if there is a need to wash something overall.


The machine runs almost silently;
It saves water and electricity;
It successfully copes even with serious dirt;
Convection-type drying system;
You can wash even fairly oversized dishes in it.


Not found.

7. Candy CDCP 6/E

This dishwasher is in the ranking of the best products belonging to the freestanding type. It has leakage protection and its chamber is very capacious, you can put about 8 sets there. There are 6 washing programs. It just perfectly washes dishes and consumes a minimum amount of water and electricity.

It has electronic control and a large number of sensors. The machine has reliable protection against leaks and also the function of washing children’s dishes is provided. In general, this washing machine is:

-compact desktop dishwasher
-Candy CDCP 6/E has condensation drying

-Its water consumption 7 l
-Its electricity consumption 0.61 kWh
-The noise level at work 51 dB
-The dishwasher has complete leakage protection


For its compact size, it has a good capacity;
Washes dishes reliably – there are no traces of food or detergents on it;
The design provides for two tiers, which significantly increases capacity;
It works very quietly – it can be used even at night;
There is an economical mode that minimizes the amount of water used;
The possibility of washing plastic dishes when choosing a special mode.


Too bright light indicators that attract children’s attention;
The legs do not have rubber gaskets, which is why the machine can slip during operation.

8. Bosch SPS 40E42

Among the built-in and freestanding machines, this model is one of the best, in addition, it has a very reasonable price and small overall dimensions.
This model can be used both as built-in and installed separately: the design has a removable top cover. This washing machine looks pretty stylish.

On the inlet hose is a shut-off valve, which automatically works when even the slightest leak occurs. This is one of the main advantages, as other models simply stop pumping water into themselves, without blocking it.

At the back, there is a rather convenient recess, where the supply and drain hoses easily fit. All control buttons are located next to the door. It is not necessary to fill the machine completely – it has a half load mode. This saves both water and detergent. The energy class is high, which makes this model one of the most economical among all presented in this rating.

The washing chamber is made of high quality hygienic stainless steel. For detergents, there is a special box located on the hinged lid. It allows the use of both liquid and powder formulations. Water sprayers are located on all sides of the washing chamber. This allows water to penetrate to the most contaminated sites. The drying here is convection, with its help the dishes dry very quickly, no stains appear on it. The machine has a water quality sensor. The build quality is very high, especially since the design is made in Germany.


All parts are fitted to each other very tightly, due to which they will not rattle during operation, and also will not become loose over time;
Perfectly cleans even old dirt;
There are many modes of operation;
Attractive price;
It works pretty quietly.


Sometimes convection drying does not cope with its task – small drops remain on clean dishes;
Not suitable for a large family;
It will not work to keep the door half open;
There are no rubberized legs, which on the uneven floor leads to vibrations.

9. Candy CDCP 8/E

In this ranking of dishwashers in 2019, it is one of the most compact, which allows you to install it even in a small kitchen. The model will be perfectly located under the sink or on the table. The appearance is beautiful, on the front side, there is a convenient panel with several buttons and indicators. The capacity is negligible – only six sets of dishes can be placed in the chamber, but this will be enough for a small family.

The interior space of the machine is carefully thought out. To wash large dishes, such as pots, dishes or large-diameter plates, a special basket with removable partitions is provided. There is a cutlery basket, wine glasses and glasses. All dishes fit easily, its surfaces will be accessible for jets of water and detergents.

There is a decent number of operating modes: intensive washing (for dishes with serious dirt), daily washing, a program for fragile items – wine glasses, porcelain from tea or coffee sets, quick washing, economical washing.

It uses water very economically, and if necessary, dirty dishes can be put in the washing process. This model does not provide quick rinsing.


There is a delay start function;
The panel has an indicator of the remaining detergent in the box;
High build quality;
Reasonable cost;
Good for daily use;
Small dimensions.


In the corners of the washing chamber, it does not rinse the dishes as well as we would like;
The dishes must be placed compactly, which can not be done right away;
It works quite loudly;
No display provided;
There is no water drain button;
Sound signals do not turn off and are quite loud.

10. Hansa ZWM 416 WH

This washing machine is designed for the simultaneous loading of 9 sets of dishes, during the washing process, no more than 9 liters of water is spent and 0.7 kW of energy is consumed during one cycle. A condensation type dryer is installed here. At the last rinse, hot water is used that completely rinses off the detergent.

The model Hansa ZWM 416 has a wide range of programs. Future owners have at their disposal 5 complete modes, a rinse procedure, and a modification of cycles provided that they are half loaded. This is a fairly extensive functionality for low-budget machines.
Modification of the modes when you enable the option of half loading saves time, water, and electricity. According to users, the economy reaches 25%. But the machine can only efficiently wash dishes if there are no more than 5 sets.

Hansa ZWM 416 has reliable leakage protection. Detergents can be used in the kit – salt, rinse aid, and detergent itself. The machine has six work programs and five temperature modes. If necessary, it can not be fully loaded, but only half. Inside you can find holders for plates, cutlery, glasses and so on.


The dishwasher is small;
It copes well with all kinds of dirt;
The ability to use almost any dishwashing detergent;
It has excellent capacity;
There are a sufficient number of operating modes.


No indication of cycle sequence
The complexity of installation due to the location of the supply/drain hoses at right angles
The duration of the standard program
Lack of timer
Quite noisy work
Drying quality complaints

How to choose the best washing machine in 2022?

First of all, it is necessary to comply with the dimensions of the room. If you do not know how to choose a dishwasher, also consider the following options:

Energy class – optimally A +, A ++.
The number of modes and programs – at least 4-5;
Filters – minimum salt, but better if a self-cleaning system is implemented. Even better if the model is equipped with a grinder for food waste;
Dish baskets – it is important that the machine has a separate container for storing cutlery
Additional features – among the really useful options include rinsing, pre-washing, air drying, washing with hot water.

Based on the recommendations of experts, it is imperative that the model has good illumination of the chamber, a heat exchanger to save energy, a reliable door with fixation. To save water, removable nozzles are used to prevent splashing.

Thus, two types of machines are intended for home use. If you don’t know which dishwasher to buy, proceed from the layout and size of the kitchen. In addition, you need to consider how many sets of dishes will be washed per day.

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