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SwagCycle EB7 Plus
best electric bikes 2021

Electric bikes have not been around for a long time but their popularity is gradually increasing and people seem to get more into them by looking for the best electric bike 2022 in recent years and there is no wonder why.

First and foremost, this efficient means of transportation is regarded by many people as the key to having a clean environment and the solution to modern-day pollution because of their Eco-friendly nature with no toxic gas emission. In addition to that, they allow you to blend in with your surroundings and enjoy every second of your ride and avoid traffic jams that you most likely have to deal with on a daily basis when driving a car.

To our delight, electric bikes have taken huge leaps forward in terms of technology, as well as getting major improvements performance-wise while witnessing a significant reduction in average prices. However, with so many options available on the market, figuring out what electric bike matches your needs can be a struggle.

Hence why we went the extra mile by doing in-depth research and put together a list of the best electric bikes with their specifications, performance, and customers’ reviews in mind. Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll be able to find the one that lives up to your expectations, so stay tuned!


Best Electric Bikes 2022

1. Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Pro: Best Affordable Electric Bike

Swagtron is the best electric bike for 2022 and it is a company notorious for making reliable and quality commuting devices and the Swagcycle EB5 Pro is no different, as it features a solid compact design and a decent motor.

Best Affordable electric bike in 2022: Swagtron

Although some people consider it a stretch to call this bike a two-wheeler due to its small size, it still makes up for an amazing commuter, especially when you put into account its low price tag. Weighing in at about 37lbs only, it has a lightweight, compact, and sturdy steel construction, which folds 3 times enabling you to fit inside small places. Plus, it can support a weight of up to 264lbs and has an adjustable seat and handlebar to suit all heights and sizes.

From a speed perspective, the Swagcycle EB5 utilizes a powerful 350-watt brushless motor giving it a torque boost, and a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour with a traveling range of 15.5 miles on a single charge. The lithium-ion battery is removable and takes 4-5 hours to fully charge.

The air-filled rubber wheels are 14inch and allow for better traction and they’re easy to maintain, and the disc brakes are very efficient and reliable thanks to the bike’s Autoguard technology. On the downside, riding the EB5 Pro without motors is not ideal, that’s why we recommend you avoid riding it when you run out of battery life.


  • Top Speed: 18Mph
  • Range: 15.5miles
  • Weight: 37lbs
  • Max Load: 264lbs
  • Wheels: 14 inch
  • Brakes: Disc


  • Affordable
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Folding design
  • Decent performances


  • Not meant for pedaling

2. Ancheer Power Plus

Next on our list, we have the Ancheer Power Plus electric mountain bike, a very popular and reliable option with a very low price tag.

Ancheer Power Plus

This electric bike boasts a rock-solid frame with a carbon steel fork and an aluminum alloy handlebar. This enables is to handle weights of up to 330lbs on any type of terrain. Speaking of terrain, the Ancheer Power Plus double layer aluminum alloy 26-inch wheels make it a very efficient mountain bike and allow it to deal with the toughest terrains. Moreover, the handlebar and seat can be adjusted according to the riders’ preference.

As far as performance goes, it is not the fastest bike out there, but still, it can go as fast as 15mph due to the 250-watt brushless gear motors, and the removable 36V lithium-ion gives it a mileage range of 15 to 30 miles on a single charge, depending on what working mode you choose. On that topic, it features three working modes; E-bike mode assisted bicycle and normal bicycle.

To brake, the Ancheer Power Plus uses front and rear disc brakes for a more efficient braking system to fully protect you. It also comes with a 21-speed transmission or gear shift system, from which you can pick any speed that suits your needs. Last up, it is fitted with a loud horn and a bright LED headlamp for riding at night.


  • Top Speed: 15mph
  • Range: 15-30 miles
  • Weight: 48lbs
  • Max Load: 330lbs
  • Wheels: 26 inch
  • Brakes: Front & rear disc


  • Very sturdy build
  • Great for rough terrains and mountains
  • Long battery life


  • Subpar speed

3. Nakto 26” Cargo: Low-Cost Commuting bike

The Nakto 26 “ Cargo is one of the best budget-friendly commuting electric bikes thanks to its great functionality and performance.

Best low cost commuting bike: Nakto 26” Cargo

Starting off with the build quality and design, the Nakto 26” Cargo weighs roughly 68lbs and can support a max load of 250lbs, it sports a high-strength carbon steel construction from the front fork to the entire frame, along with premium shock absorption and a thick seat cushion, meaning it has a very sturdy and comfortable build. Furthermore, it has a 26inch wheels, an adjustable seat height varying from 29 to 33 inches, 360 degrees LED spotlight and a basket.

The Nakto 26” cargo has built-in 250-watt high-speed brushless gear motors that help it achieve an outstanding top speed of 25 Mph. It is able to last up to an impressive 30-35 miles on a single charge thanks to its 48V removable battery. In spite of some customers reporting issues with the motors, this E-bike is still a beast when it comes to performance, especially considering the fact that it is affordable.

Regarding its braking and gear shift system, it features a V brake on the front and an expansion brake on the rear which assure your safety, as well as a 6 speed Shimano transmission system. On top of that, it has two working systems E-bike and assisted in case you want to exercise or enjoy an extended ride.   



  • Top Speed: 30 mph
  • Range: 30-35miles
  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Max Load: 250lbs
  • Wheels: 26 inch
  • Brakes: Front V brake, Rear expansion brake


  • Great mileage
  • Decent top speed
  • Convenient design
  • Affordable


  •  Some reviews claim it has a faulty motor

4. Aceshin 26” Mountain E-bike

A high-quality electric bike that delivers across the board, the Aceshin 26” is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

Aceshin 26” Mountain E-bike

The Aceshin 26” electric mountain bike has an eye-catching design that includes an ergonomic handlebar, an adjustable seat, as well as a horn and a bright lamplight for night riding.  Besides that, it also pretty robust and durable, owing to its high-strength carbon steel frame and double layer aluminum alloy 26inch wheels. The latter are wrapped in strong anti-slip and resistant wear rubber tires that are meant for conquering the toughest roads. Furthermore, it weighs roughly 49lbs and it is strong enough to carry a load of 330lbs.

It features three riding modes; E-bike, normal mode, and assisted mode which helps you save up on battery life and cruise the roads for even longer durations. In addition to that, it has a built-in 3 speed smart meter button to select the level of assistance you need (low, med, and high). Braking-wise, it comes with front and rear disc brakes that allow for a smooth and secure stopping on different terrains.

The Aceshin can go up to 20 miles per hours and climbhills with ease thanks to its 250 watt motor, and it is equipped with a 21-speed transmission system giving you the ability to choose the speed according to your needs. With the removable 36V lithium ion battery you’ll get a travelling range of 15.5 miles with E-bike mode, and 31 miles when using assisted mode. The only thing that holds it back is its long charging time of 6 hours.   


  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Range: 15.5miles
  • Weight: 49lbs
  • Max Load:330lbs
  • Wheels: 26 inch
  • Brakes: front and rear disc


  • Very solid construction
  • Good for all types of terrains and hills
  • Convenient assisted mode for saving battery life


  • Long recharge time

5. ECOTRIC 20” Fat Tire: Best Folding Electric Bike

If your goal is lightweight, portability, and slick control, you just can’t go wrong with the Ecotric 20” Electric bike.

Best Folding electric bike: ECOTRIC 20” Fat Tire

The Ecotric 20” electric bike has a folding, compact, and space-saving design making it very easy to store and transport. Its frame was made with a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy. This leads to the bike having a weight of 51lbs with a bearing weight of 240lbs.

Add to that the fact that the seat and handlebar heights are adjustable and you’ll have a solid bike that’s usable almost by everyone regardless of their weight and height. Moreover, it is equipped with 20-inch fat rubber tires that provide decent control and grip on harsh terrains.

Powered by a 500-watt brushless motor, the Ecotric 20” offers a maximum speed of 20mph. Alongside that, it is fitted with a 7-speed transmission system that allows you to have the ideal gear for your situation. When it comes to range, the 36V removable battery will offer you a traveling distance of 18-23 miles on a full charge.

What’s more, it comes with two assistance modes; throttle mode and pedal-assist mode which means you can extend the battery life even further in case you need to. However, the LED controlled was reported to give some riders a hard time when switching between modes. As for the brakes, it uses front and rear disc brakes that are very responsive and will ensure you will stop safely.



  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Range: 18-23miles
  • Weight: 51lbs
  • Max Load: 240lbs
  • Wheels: 20inch
  • Brakes: Front& rear disc


  • Convenient folding design
  • Great off-road capabilities
  • Budget-friendly


  • Faulty LED controller

6. Eahora XC100

The Eahora XC100 is a cost-effective, strong performing, and a sleek looking electric bike that is designed for all types of riders.

Eahora XC100

The performance of the Eahora XC100 is one of its major selling points, as it is equipped with a 350-watt Shengyi hub-drive motor that enables you to achieve an amazing top speed of 28mph, and it has a 48V lockable and removable battery that gives you a long range of approximately 50 miles. But the interesting thing is the unique E-PAS technology that the bike relies on, this feature allows the bike to recover 45% of energy when going downhill, resulting in extended battery life on top of the long one it already has.

In terms of build quality, it is made with high-quality aluminum alloy, a shock-absorbing front fork, large leather adjustable seats, as well as an adjustable saddle giving this electric bike a resilient yet flexible and comfortable structure. Weighing in at around 50lbs, this bike is relatively light given all the useful options it is packed with. Its maximum weight-bearing capacity is 220lbs which can be a limiting factor for people who are a bit on the heavy side.

The braking system of the XC100 is very effective and reliable as it is equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes. As for the gearing system, it has a Shimano gearing system with 7 switchable speeds. This electric bike comes with a built-in waterproof LCD display from which you can control the functions of your bike and monitor your speed and mileage.   


  • Top Speed: 28mph
  • Range: 40-50miles
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Max Load: 220lbs
  • Wheels: 26 inch
  • Brakes: Front& rear disc


  • Packed with great features
  • Inexpensive
  • Very long riding range
  • Fast


  • Not ideal for people over 220lbs

7. SwagCycle EB7 Plus

Offering more speed, balance, and performance, the SwagCycle EB7 Plus is an upgraded version of the EB5 with a slightly higher cost.

SwagCycle EB7 Plus

The SwagCycle EB7 Plus weighs roughly 42lbs it boasts a very compact and portable folding aluminum build.  So, if you’re looking for an electric bike that can be folded and fitted under a desk or on the back of your trunk, yet can fully function as a regular bike the EB7 Plus is the one for you. Additionally, it has 16-inch air-filled tires and an enhanced rear spring suspension and it can support a max load of 264lbs.

Moving on to the performance, the upgraded 350 watt rear hub motor is linked to a 36V removable battery giving it the ability to cruise up to 18.6 mph and climb 25-degree inclines while extending its traveling range to 19 miles. Recharging takes no longer than 4 hours and can be done off or on the frame.

The EB7 Plus utilizes mechanical disc brakes that are mounted on the front and back, as well as a 7 a quick shift 7-speed Shimano transmission system for a more fluid and faster gear switching. It also features thumb throttle, an electric horn, an LED headlight, and an LCD display that gives you an accurate reading speed, battery life, and distance traveled. This E-bike just like the previous model has its fair share of problems when the battery dies, as it is a hassle to ride when you run out of power.  


  • Top Speed: 18.6mph
  • Range: 19 miles
  • Weight: 42lbs
  • Max Load: 264lbs
  • Wheels: 16 inch
  • Brakes: Front& rear disc


  • Improved performance compared to the EB5
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extended mileage


  • Hard to pedal when you’re out of power

8. Kemanner 26” Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile and an all-rounder electric bike, the Kemanner mountain bike got you all covered.

Kemanner 26” Electric bike

For starters, this electric bike sports a robust and durable build that is ideal for tackling all kinds of roads and weather conditions, owing to its efficient combination of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy frame, high-strength carbon steel front fork, and anti-rust paint, coupled with 26-inch aluminum wheels and anti-slip thick rubber tires. Furthermore, it has a weight of 48lbs, supports a max load of 330lbs, and equipped with an LED headlight and horn to ride it safely when it gets dark.

In terms of performance, the Kemanner 26” electric bike has a 250watt high-speed brushless gear motor which gives it a top speed of 21.7 mph, and a 36V lithium-ion battery that grants it a riding range of 31 miles with assisted mode and 15.5 miles on full E-bike mode. It’s up to you whether you want to amplify your effort or just relax and let the bike do all the work.

Furthermore, it features a Shimano 21-speed gear system that drastically improves its hill-climbing capabilities, gives you more range variation, and increases its terrain adaptability. In regards to the braking system, it comes with front and back mechanical disc brakes that deliver a great deal of stopping power regardless of the weather and road condition. If we can pinpoint a flaw in the Kemanner 26”, it would be the assembly process, as it was deemed by many people to be tiresome and difficult.


  • Top Speed: 21.7mph
  • Range: 15.5-31 miles
  • Weight: 48lbs
  • Max Load: 330lbs
  • Wheels: 26 inch
  • Brakes: Front & rear disc


  • Rugged build
  • Tremendous hill climbing power
  • Good range
  • Works well with all terrains


  • Assembling the bike requires a lot of effort

9. Super 73 Z1 Electric Motorbike: Best Fat E-bike

The Super 73 Z1 electric bike is fun in a nutshell, as it delivers in terms of speed, durability, comfort, and looks.

Best Fat e-bike: Super 73 Z1 Electric Motorbike

As described by many riders this electric bike is quite a looker and has the vibes of an actual motorbike, it has a very sturdy steel frame with a banana shaped seat and equipped with 20 inch wheels and 4.25 inch slick fat tires. Its total weight is 56lbs and it can support a weight limit of 275lbs. It is also important to state that it comes pre-assembled which is very pleasing to many people

Not only does it look good but it performs just as well, as it is capable of achieving a top speed of 20mph thanks to its powerful 500 watt rear hub motor. Unlike most models in our list, the 36V battery of the Z1 is non-removable but it still delivers some serious range with 15-25 miles on a single charge, the range varies depending on the load and the nature of the road. 

As far as braking goes, the Z1 uses Tekto mechanical disc brakes for safe and efficient braking. Sadly, the Z1 features no pedal assist or headlights. However, it comes with some cool extras such as; thumb throttle, a kickstand, and a LED battery meter.   


  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Range: 15-25 miles
  • Weight: 56lbs
  • Max Load: 275lbs
  • Wheels: 20 inch
  • Brakes: Disc


  • Eye-catching design
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • No pedal assist and lights

10. Ancheer 27.5” 500W: Best for the City

The Ancheer 27.5” 500W electric bike hits a homerun simply because it packs everything you need in an E-bike, from top-notch performance to high-quality build, to complete safety.

Best e-bike for the city: Ancheer 27.5” 500W

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the upgrades that have been implemented to this model, with larger thicker tires and a bigger battery, along with a few more handy features and upgrades that will make your riding experience more enjoyable.

Construction-wise, the frame, and fork were made of high-strength aluminum coupled with double-walled aluminum rims; this means the Ancheer 27.5” has a solid and sturdy build. The 27.5×1.95 inch tires will absorb all possible bumps and contribute to making this bike an effective mount climber. In addition, it weighs 53lbs and has a load capacity of 330lbs.

The 48V removable battery and the 500W high-speed brushless motor set this model apart from previous models, as it gives it a maximum speed of 22mph and a traveling range of 22 miles on throttle mode and a whopping 38 miles on pedal-assist mode. Nonetheless, be mindful of the fact that the battery takes longer to recharge since it has a high power battery.

 Moreover, it features a Shimano 21-speed transmission which will improve its climbing power even further. With all this power, there must be a safe braking system in place. For that, the Ancheer 27” was equipped with reliable front and rear disc brakes. Last up, this E-bike includes an upgraded LCD display to showcase all the statistics of your ride.


  • Top Speed: 22mph
  • Range: 22-38miles
  • Weight: 53lbs
  • Max Load: 330lbs
  • Wheels: 27.5 inch
  • Brakes: Front & rear disc


  • Improved performance
  • Large capacity battery
  • Robust and sturdy build
  • A great hill and mountain climber


  • The large capacity battery takes 6 hours to recharge

What to Consider before Buying an E-bike

There is an overwhelming number of different electric bikes on the market from various manufacturing companies, and a number of variables determine their price range, so choosing the right E-bike can be a challenge. 

With that in mind,  if you’re completely new to the E-bike community and you want to buy a brand new electric bike, but you’re not sure on which one best suits your requirements and budget, we urge you to keep reading, as in the section below we’re going to give you comprehensive guidelines, as well as clarify some of the essential electric bike-related things you should consider prior to buying your first electric bike. We hope you’ll found out more about them and decide which one meets your needs.  So without any further due, let’s jump right into it!

Who Are Electric Bikes For?

The simplest and most straight forward answer is; they’re for everyone! Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or adult, thin or overweight, in the end, it all comes down to whether you want it or not. But perhaps there some skeptical people who would argue why would they need to buy an electric bike.

Well, apart from the fact they provide a great source of fun and enjoyment, they’re also eco-friendly meaning by using one for transport you’re helping the world fight and eliminate the pollution problem while running your daily errands.

Another reason why you should own an E-bike is; if you’re short on cash and need a transportation vehicle that doesn’t cost a fortune, an electric bike will be the solution to that problem. Although some E-bikes are a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum, there are tons of options that fit everybody’s budget and work as good as any expensive model.

Types of E-bike:

Electric bicycles are divided into several categories, and each category appeals to a certain type of rider. Deciding which type is good for you will make it a lot easier.

Mountain E-bikes:

They’re the most popular type and they classify as either true mountain bikes; which are meant for trails, hills, and bumpy off-roads, or entry-level mountain bikes. We don’t recommend taking the latter type to extreme conditions but they’ll do a great job on regular roads.

True electric mountain bikes could be a good direction for you if you’re looking to go off-road or want a legit mountain bike, as they’re more durable, powerful, and have better suspension.

Cruiser E-bikes:

Because of their upright seat style with pedals positioned more forward, they are geared towards people who enjoy a laid-back and more comfortable riding experience.

Commuter & Road E-bikes:

Road bikes cater to the more active and sporty bikers who want to get a good exercise session using assist pedaling modes. They’re generally lightweight and come with proper saddles for pedaling.

Meanwhile, commuter bikes aren’t that different but they’re meant to have larger seats, a more robust build. Thus, they’re a little heavier and more comfortable than the standard road bikes. Commuters also use electric skateboards, if you are interested in them you might want to check out our top 10 list.

Cargo E-bikes:

If you need something that provides more storage space for your weekly groceries or you need to bring your kids from school, cargo bikes are the way to go. They’re basically the mini-vans of the e-bike world. Some have a stretched rear and an extra seat, but on the downside, they’re quite long and lack maneuverability especially when you’re going fast.     

Folding E-bikes:

These will come in handy if you need a bike that is extremely portable and lightweight, as they’re primarily designed to be folded and fitted into small places. If you want to use and easier transporting device that is small and doesn’t take much space, you might be interested in hoverboards, for the best ones check our top 10 hoverboards article.

Fat Tire E-bikes:

These are made to conquer any type of terrain including snow and sand, you can even ride downstairs. This was made possible because of their fat and giant rubber tires. So if you’re looking for unlimited fun you really can’t look past these E-bikes, just make sure you don’t run out of battery because pedaling on these is a bit of pain due to their heavy size.


A powerful motor will understandably give you more speed and climbing power, for speed enthusiasts a 350W-500W usually does the trick. However, the positioning of the motor is also something to consider;

A front hub motor is common on folding e-bikes. It will give you more options to customize the gears on the rear hub, but it gives you unnatural feeling as you feel pulled rather than pushed. This makes cause an unbalanced especially in wet conditions or when going uphill.

Rear hub motors are the opposite, they feel more natural. On the flip side, it can also lead to balance issues if the battery is also located at the back leading to uneven weight distribution.

Mid hub motors are typically found on the most expensive e-bikes but they feel the most natural to ride, and they give you the freedom to use any wheel you like and make them easier to remove.

Battery Life:

Unless you plan on using pedal assist, the mileage and traveling range are mostly determined by how big the battery is. If you need to ride for longer durations, make sure to pick an e-bike with a high voltage battery. Also, a removable battery is always better as you can replace in case something goes wrong, or just buy an extra to extend your riding range. Electric scooters are considered to have longer battery life for more info check the link provided!


A lot of E-bikes give you the option to adjust the seat height and handlebar to your liking, but if you happen to stumble upon one that doesn’t give you enough adjustability, make sure to read the manufacturer description and pick one that fits your size and can handle your weight.

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